Bramah and the Beggar Boy: The Heart of This Journey Bears All Patterns

Bramah and the Beggar Boy: The Heart of This Journey Bears All Patterns


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One afternoon, in an old house in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Perimeter, in the place they call Pacifica, Bramah and the beggar boy find fragments of an ancient text in an oak box. Hunched over scraps of parchment and broken computer disks, they blow the dust off a cover, and so our story begins.

Renee Sarojini Saklikar's Bramah and the Beggar Boy is intellectually, geographically, and temporally wide-ranging: ambitious, and epic in scope. This is a poet's generous and attenuated invitation to her readers to join her in a life-long project of unlocking and unbinding, of challenging the primacy of borders, the formal, the political and the self-imposed. Her themes are serious and sweeping but she also accommodates, as do all the best subversives, moments of wry humour, and the scandalous thrills of gossip. Bramah and the Beggar Boy is a journey of rare and rewarding discovery. The portal is deep. The portal is open. Take a deep breath. Jump.

Author Renee Sarojini Saklikar
No. of Pages368
Publication Year2021
Publisher Nameblewointment
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