EDGE’s Full-Day Curiosity Cohort


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Curiosity is the mindset change that we, as people of faith, are craving to begin to reimagine what church can be outside of Sunday morning.

It is the mindset shift that; 

  • Allows us to ask questions and keep asking questions
  • Assists us in letting go of needing “the” answers and to relinquish control
  • Teaches us to follow the Spirit and to keep listening and discerning 
  • Enables us to take leaps of faith and be courageous in experimenting

This is for innovative leaders, curious communities of faith, & those will to explore what might be possible.

Register for 1 day on Sunday November 14th. This course is also offered as 5, weekly sessions.

Tickets available:

  • Individual Tickets for $20 (up to 5 per community of faith)
  • Group Tickets: If you are interested in having 5 or more members of your community of faith attend the cohort, please purchase 5 tickets, and let EDGE know in the next stage of registration who will attend
  • All Are Welcome Ticket- please email EDGE directly for a free ticket edge@united-church.ca

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF via email with information on how to connect in to the session.

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